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Do you want out of the box or outside the box?
Taonga Consulting helps you stand out against your competition.

About Taonga Consulting

Taonga Consulting harbours decades of IT knowledge with software integration as it speciality.

With in depth knowledge of integration platforms like Oracle Fusion Middleware and Software AG webMethods, Taonga Consulting is able to steer your organization through the troubled waters of integration into the clear path to digitisation. Be able to distinguish your organization from your competitors. Open up new markets with the use of internet of things. Have the right integration platform AND the right architecture will set you up to compete with the best.

Make use of the IT integration and architecture experience of Taonga Consulting.


Would you trust a builder to build your house without drawings?

Then why do we still create applications without a proper overall architecture?

Before you can change anything, you need to know the consequences.


Done right integration can be an invisible force powering the digital and responsive organisation.

Do it wrong and it will become an headache.

Years of experience with Oracle Fusion Middleware and Software AG webMethods will help you make middleware invisible.

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